my motivation as a Life Coach


You’ve got an unresolved problem or concern. That’s probably why you’re here—because there’s something important in your life that you’re not satisfied with. Hi, I’m Timo ten Barge. For over 20 years, I’ve been working with people, starting as a language teacher and for the past 15 years as a life coach.

What energizes me in my role as a life coach is accompanying people on their quest for self-knowledge. I thrive on helping them identify and meet their goals with effective, real-world strategies.

I always provide a customized coaching experience with individual preparation and follow-up. This approach acknowledges the complexity and multifaceted nature of most life coaching issues, which often extend beyond the actual coaching sessions.


about me: Background


  • Studied Philosophy and Psychology in Nijmegen, Ankara, Perugia, and Berlin.
  • Studied Cultural and Mental History at the University in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
  • Taught Dutch and English at VHS and various language schools in Berlin and Munich.
  • Provided language and culture training for international companies in Munich and surrounding areas.
  • Conducted Business Coaching and intercultural training in Munich.
  • Worked as a Life Coach, Expat Coach, and Flirt Coach in Munich.


about me: Skills


My strengths are creative and analytical thinking, along with good communication and empathy skills.

I specialize in life’s big questions about purpose and values, as well as psychological topics focusing on personality, self-determination, and authenticity.

As a coach, I blend insights from psychology and philosophy to create practical solutions. I have personal and professional experience with different cultures.



about me