expat Coaching in Munich

Expat coaching feels like second nature to me, given my experience as both an expat and a life coach in Munich for 15 years. Just like you, I once arrived here seeking orientation and support.

Through my own journey, I’ve learned the ins and outs of navigating life as an expatriate in munich. Now, as your coach, I’m dedicated to sharing that knowledge and offering personalized guidance to help you feel at home, overcome cultural barriers, and thrive in Munich.

Together, we’ll tailor strategies to your unique needs, ensuring your expat experience is not just successful but deeply fulfilling.

As a team, we will formulate an action-based plan specific to you that will help you achieve your goals.


expat Coaching: your goals

  • Personal growth
  • People and Relationship
  • Emotional and Physical well-Being
  • Work and Business matters


Recurring issues

         Personal growth

  • Work on Intrinsic motivation
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Realise more play, adventure and creativity to your life
  • Dealing with Perfectionism
         People and Relationship

  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Improve on effective non (verbal) Communication
  • Increase emotional intimacy with family, friends, and collegues
         Emotional and Physical Well-being

  • Work on healthy  habits
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Improve on nutrition and weight reduction
         Work, Business

  • Improve on work/life balance
  • Work on value based time-management
  • Realise more career satisfaction/ transition to fulfilling work

Coaching method

A multidisciplinary approach:
communication, psychology and philosophy

comprising all areas of life, including: personality, relationship, business and health issues. Based on dialogues with constructive communication

Coaching qualities

creative and analytical way of thinking

combined with clear communication and the ability of empathic listening.

Mixed academic background of psychology and philosophy

for deeper understanding of basic emotions and problems like lack of self esteem 

and views concerning the philosophy of life and the importance of value based decisions